Hey there puds and Happy 4th of July!! Hope you have a fun and more importantly safe independence holiday weekend. Since my office is closed on the fourth today was our Friday and by default jean!
I’ve actually wore this outfit before in an earlier post but I thought it was appropriate for the upcoming holiday. Well puds thank u guys for your continued support and love! I can’t express how much it means to me!! Have a happy 4th of July ladies and please feel free to tag me on Instagram with your red white and blue outfits and I’ll dedicate a blog post to u MY PUDS!!!!

Acid wash Skirt: eBay $25.00
White t-shirt from forever 21+: $4.80
Flag scarf: eBay $4.99
Shoes: shoedazzle $39.95







Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice!!! June 18, 2014

Good Afternoon Puds!
Hope you guys are having a wonderful day! Been busy so today’s post will be a short one…
I was watching T.V. last night and ran across the movie Beetlejuice. I couldn’t help but admire his fashion sense…the man knew how to wear a suit! Today my outfit is inspired by his spirited fashion sense.
Skirt $29.99 Asos
Bodysuit $9.99 forever 21
Belt honestly I have no idea where I got this belt from but there are similar ones from eBay and forever21 starting at $8.00
Scuba jacket Fashion 2 Figure $30.00.
Shoes $15 shoedazzle (on sale…BOOM).
Necklaces forever 21 $8.90 and $11.80.

Remember ladies that sales are your friends…shop the sales in bulk to get the best deals!
Thank You so much for your continued support!
As always ladies if it looks good…WEAR IT!






Casual Friday June 6,2014

Happy Friday Puds
You made it to the end of the week and I’m proud of you! This post is gonna be a short one…no much planned for the weekend at least not yet so I’ll be sure to try to throw a post up! Just can’t say how much I adore you guys for sticking with me! So much more to come puds!
Well today since it’s Friday and laundry day I had to throw on a pair of jeans.
These skinnies I got from Gitionline. They feel really good! I def will be buying more. They are amazing and pretty affordable at $35.
This mint top is crazy comfortable too! Only $14.90 on forever 21+ (so nice I bought it twice…black and mint). I just through on a white cami underneath because it’s really sheer.
Topped the outfit off with my favorite pair of shoedazzle shoes…the white spiked pointed toe pumps!

Well puds I hope you enjoy your weekend. I love you guys to pieces! Thank you for the support loves!

P.s.When time get hard just remember to keep swimming!






Tuesday June 3,2014…Dr.Seuss

So today I had a few extra mins at work and decided to look up Dr.Seuss rhymes just for the fun of it (random google searches are the best at work) and I ran across this…

Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you! -Dr. Seuss

I don’t think the good Doctor knew exactly how awesome a statement that is (or maybe he did, I mean it is Dr.Seuss we’re talking about).
Puds there is no one in the world just like u! Your outstandingly amazing! I mean you are fantastic! So don’t let anyone tell u different and if they do their just jealous of how extremely awesome you actually are! Hold hour head up, throw your shoulders back and strut hunny cause U got “IT”. And don’t u ever forget it!

Today’s outfit: black and orange prelim top with sheer panels on the sides and front from F2F on sale last year for around $15. (Normally I would wear it as is but since I was at work I just threw a black cami underneath which I got from forever 21+)
Black skinnies from Asos which I also got on sale for about $20.
And just a pair of black pointed toe sling asks which aren’t pictured ($15.00 on sale from shoedazzle)

Love you to pieces

Ps don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @apple_she_her_me to see my outfits everyday!


Long time no see darling!

Guys life has been CRAZY! But I miss u guys sooo much! I can’t wait until this semesters over so I can really blog! But in the main time here is an lil something I wore to work one of these old days. Simple skate skirt from forever 21 and a black body suit paired with my fave cardi from forever 21 of course! I threw on my gold plate belt and a tassel necklace. I broke my toe recently so I haven’t been wearing heels. I promise puds I’ll have some good post coming! Going to the beach so we def have to do a bathing suit post! I love and live for u guys so stay tuned so much to come!! Gots some major things in the works so just keep your eyes open…hint hint!! .



Birthday girl (office edition)

Sooo I know that I really have been letting you guys down with my post but my life got cray these last couple of weeks. Between this new job and school I’ve been barley keeping it together but I totally missed you guys so I wanted to to share a few of my recent outfits with you guys. My birthday was last Friday and this was what I wore to work. It was raining like crazy that morning and I wasn’t going to work the whole day so I wanted to do something easy and quick. I paired a forever 21+ skater dress with that beautiful striped jacket that I got from them as well. I accessorized with a gold plate belt, a super cute pick headband for a pop of color and just some black flats because of the rain. If it wasn’t raining I probably would have done a white pointed toe pump or my black peep toe Shoedazzle pump form my ladies night post.
I wore a very fab outfit that night of dinner and the next night as well but they’ll come later in another post. I want to give those post some love.
Any whoI’m so sorry puds…schools over on Friday and I’ll post by Saturday evening!
Thanks for sticking it out with my puds

As always stay fab darlings


Dress: Forever 21+; this particular dress isn’t available anymore but i put up a link to one that is very similar.





Belt: Ebay I really don’t remember the price




Jacket: Honestly when I bought this jacket it didn’t even have a tag in it. The sales lady priced it off a similar jacket in the store. But i have found some links to some really beautiful jackets.











Happy Monday

Happy Monday puds!!
Due to lack of sleep and motivation this morning… today’s outfit is pretty lazy. As discussed in my “Put a Scarf on it” post. It’s the quickest and easiest way to really complete a simple outfit.

Black slacks: Goodwill $3!! (gotta love goodwill)
White shirt: eBay $1.99
Scarf: Old Navy .99(Christmas sale last year)
Shoes: shoedazzle 29.95





Dinner with my ladies

Hey Puds!!
So I’ve decided to post most of my daily outfits in addition to the how-to-wear post.
This is last night get up to our monthly Sex In the City themed dinner.
The skirt I got from Asos Curve when they had a major markdown sale a few weeks ago $25.00
The belt: eBay $11.99
Crop Top: Forever 21+ $7.00!!
Shoes: Shoedazzle $39.95
Reversible choker/Necklace: Forever 21 price unknown
Clear clutch:eBay $24.00
Earring: Forever 21( it comes in a pair)$8.99

Hope you guys like the change! Love you guys to death! Thank you so much for the support guys!

Until next time puds

please excuse my messy kitchen! This is a really good shot of all the whole outfit.

please excuse my messy kitchen! This is a really good shot of all the whole outfit.


I really love is midi skirt!

I really love is midi skirt!

The necklace from the back.

The necklace from the back.